• Try new AHA Black Cherry + Coffee sparkling water, with just enough refreshment to pep you up
  • + 30 MG of added caffeine per 12oz can
  • No Sweeteners, no sodium, no calories
  • Naturally flavored + other natural flavors
  • Try all eight AHA Sparkling water flavors today



Sherry G. ★★★★

Aha black cherry + coffee has good light flavor, with a fun fizz. It’s more fun to drink than plain water, but I do wish the coffee flavor was stronger. It’s a decent substitute  for when you want to stay away from pop, but want a little buzz of caffeine.


Natalie M. ★★★★★

These are such a great afternoon drink! It is slightly sweet but has no calories, no added sugar, and nothing else bad. Highly highly recommend!