• Try the renewing taste of AHA Blueberry + Pomegranate sparkling water
  • No Sweeteners, no sodium, no calories
  • Naturally flavored + other natural flavors
  • Try all eight AHA Sparkling water flavors today


Monica M. ★★★★★

Really not a fan of sparkling waters but I enjoyed this one. The flavor is really pleasant and satisfies my soda cravings!


Kel C. ★★★★★

My new afternoon pick me up! I am a die hard seltzer fan and picked this up at cvs randomly and now im obsessed! It has the perfect amount of carbonation and GREAT flavor!!! More flavor then a usual sparkling water in my opinion. Price point for individual at cvs is a bit expensive a 1.59 but saw at shoprite it’s buy 2 packs for 6 dollars (12 cans total) highly recommend. I also feel like it’d be tasty with alcohol!


Anna H. ★★★★★

I am a sparkling water addicted. i have tried them all and in all honesty the AHA brand is better than bubbly. this is full of flavor and the right amount of carbonation. I have tried several flavors and Blueberry Pomegranate is my top favorite. I highly recommend this to everyone!


Amy J. ★★★★★

These drinks are so amazing! I was never a fan of sparkling water untill I tried this specific flavor and now I'm hooked. I have tried many different flavors but this is by far the best. Sitting outside by the pool just got a little better with a can of Aha.