• Try the renewing taste of AHA Peach + Honey sparkling water
  • No Sweeteners, no sodium, no calories
  • Naturally flavored + other natural flavors
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Jess A. ★★★★★

Aha is my favorite flavor of sparkling water! This sparkling water has the perfect amount of carbonation, and tastes like sweet peach, with a honey flavor to top it off. They’re a great alternative to soda because they have no calories or sugar. It’s about $4 for an 8-pack, so they’re pretty affordable!


Anna R. ★★★★★

YES!!! So yummy. The peach is perfect with the light notes of honey.? It’s great to find on sale and stock up. Helps me stay hydrated with no sugar overload. Smooth and delicious! I’ve bought several times and plan to get more.


Vannessa Z. ★★★★★

This product satisfies the craving you need to crush. No sugar, but the fruity taste and extra bubbles are great for a drink during a meal or just a quick refreshment. Very thirst quenching.